Vriendschap verdubbelt vreugde en halveert smart.
- Francis Bacon


Cameroon works! aims to assist people in building an independent existence by means of enterprises that may, in the future, become profitable. For this starting capital is needed and support is most welcome. Loans to the entrepreneurs will be paid back to the foundation in instalments and this money is made available again for new investments.

We would like to invite you to transfer a donation to account number 198.566.433 of Triodos Bank in the name of Stichting Kameroen Werkt!  in the NetherlandsIf you want to sponsor a specific project, or make a periodical payment, please let us know. 

To get an idea of what a contribution means for the people there: for the project Pleasant Parties, for example, the amounts are as follows:

–       4 chairs: € 60,-

–       20 plates: € 30,-

–       10 tables: € 70,-

–       1 canvas tent: € 200,-

Many people joined the Kring Kameroen werkt! (‘Circle Cameroon works!’) by pledging a minimum of € 50,- a year, for a five-year period. Our projects require long-range planning and so you can help us get off to a good start and keep us going in the long run.

It’s also possible to become one of the ambassadors of Cameroon works!. If you would like to generally contribute your time to the activities of the foundation, you are most welcome to enter your name. We can use your help in the field of editing, acquisition and project support both in the Netherlands and in Cameroon.


4. Any individual initiative to collect money is applauded: in consultation with us, you can start an action aimed at collecting money for the foundation (e.g., theme parties, sports events, etc.).


If you want to register your name for Cameroon works! or its Ambassadors, or if you want to be kept posted as far as gifts or the acitivities of the foundation are concerned, you can leave your particulars with Nanske Kuiken.


For donations from abroad, the following codes are necessary:


IBAN number NL58 TRIO 0198566433