If you want something, the whole world works together to help you
- Paulo Coelho

Administrative matters

The statutes were drawn up in July 2011 and the foundation has been given an official registration with the Chamber of Commerce.

In addition a policy plan for the coming years is being developed.


For the time being the committee consists of four persons. We are looking for new committee members who are willing to make a contribution to Cameroon works!

Chairman: Bertie Hendriks

Whenever I am in Cameroon, I am struck by the burning desire for work and for being connected. I particularly like the amazing opportunities arising from real contact with the other person. I am co-director and trainer with the ITIP institute. I am married and have two wonderful children.





Treasurer / Secretary: Piet de Ronde


For many years, I was looking for a way to share our and my prosperity with other people. I discovered I could do this by joining “Kameroen werkt!” Kameroenwerkt is an organization that helps a part of Africa to support itself. Thus, rather than giving a fish one should give a fishing line. As a result,  I thought I ought to do a little bit more than just supporting Kameroenwerkt financially.

Now that the organization is built, we were able to combine two positions in the board. From 1 January 2014, I fill both the positions of treasurer and secretary.

Member of the board: Bernardien Thunissen

All my life my heart is with people who live in the Third World. In various areas, I moved myself in that world, both traveling and working as a volunteer.

 Kameroenwerkt fits nicely with my desire to be meaningful along with people who are born at a place on earth where life is not so obvious. I love to help realizing their initiative and desire to put anything in this world. I’ve been a pediatrician, and at this moment I am a coach, married, and mother of four wonderful children. 





fotoMember of the board:  Jan Andriessen

Small-scale, focused, and practical support to people who stand for their plan and the realization of it. That to me is the core of KameroenWerkt and this way I would like to work for the foundation.


Advisor: Frans Jacobs

In my professional life, and afterwards, I have always been active in administrative capacities: in politics, welfare work, the children’s schools, you name it. The organizations in question were national, regional, or local. When Bertie Hendriks asked me to join Cameroon works!, I decided to dedicate myself to it and to add my administrative knowledge to the expertise brought in by the other committee members.


Adviseur Gordon Neng

Ik ben geboren in Kameroen maar woon al heel lang in Nederland. Graag lever ik een bijdrage om de communicatie tussen Nederlanders en Kameroeners te verbeteren. Na uitgebreid onderzoek heb ik gekozen voor Kameroenwerkt omdat ik de werkwijze van Kameroenwerkt goed vind. Ik begrijp zowel de Kameroense als de Nederlandse cultuur en manier van denken. Ik ben een geduldig mens die over de nodige mensen beschikt. Verder ben ik ook thuis in zakenwereld.