If you want something, the whole world works together to help you
- Paulo Coelho

Vision and working method


Sustainable employment as a basis

The Cameroon works! foundation looks upon promoting creative entrepreneurship and the creation of sustainable employment as a basis for development aid. Economic activities initiated, supported and carried out by people in Cameroon or Gambia provide those involved with a steady income. In addition, they constitute a basis for social and cultural development in the field of education, knowledge, and art, and a place where people meet and information is spread. Thus, entrepreneurship can blossom in an original, creative way.

Personal contacts as inspiration

Good personal contacts constitute the basis for inspired and successful projects as well as for our foundation . It takes time and care to establish personal contacts on an equal footing and to get to know each others strengths and weaknesses. At least twice a year committee members of the foundation go to Cameroon/Gambia themselves. We also have our local contacts and keep in touch by means of telephone and internet with the participants in the projects.

A special contribution to the projects is made, from the Netherlands, by the Kring Kameroen werkt!  (‘Circle Cameroon works !’), a group of people connected and committed to Cameroon works! for a five-year period, thus forming a stable basis for the funding of the projects. From this circle, it is possible to maintain a personal contact with somebody in Cameroon/Gambia in order to provide support.

Working method

Project description

We focus on projects that are, or promise to be, cost-effective, so that in the long run the investments can be paid back. The return of investment is re-invested in new projects. The people in Cameroon are the ones who have the initiative of a project. They suggest a plan and are supported by the foundation in the formulation of a project proposal. The project proposal includes not only financial aims, but also aims with respect to the effects the project will have on the people, such as income growth, access to better nutrition, education, medical care, improvement of social cohesion.

The projects will be planned and carried out  step by step.

In the further elucidation of set-up and working method, the deeper motivation for Cameroon works! will come to the fore.