We are in this world to help one another
- Aurelius (121-180 AD)

What can you do?

Cameroon works! helps the people in Cameroon to build an independent existence. These people cannot do without your support. Both financial and, in the longer run, material support are welcome. At the moment, no less than 100 people have expressed their willingness to make a yearly donation of least €50,- annually for a five-year period, which already enables us to support various projects.

You can contact Piet de Ronde to help you to send money for Cameroon works!

Furthermore we envisage a group of people in the Netherlands who feel a commitment to Cameroon and, like a kind of circle, take initiatives to ensure that more attention is focused on Cameroon. In addition, personal relationships can be entered into from this circle with people involved in the Cameroon projects, so that expertise can be shared, visits paid and bonds of friendship tightened.