Give me work that suits me and I shall never have to work again.
- Confucius


Effie’s Design and Tailory Shop

After a long preparation and in collaboration with Ida Now and Modou Ceesay, KW decided to support Fatou Sanneh with her project: a Design and Tailory Shop. We have made available an amount of 5000 euros that will be paid […]  read more

Social and cultural travel to the Gambia

From January 14 – 24, 2022, 10 of us will be going to Gambia. Besides enjoying the wonderful climate, the beach, the African culture and the friendly people, we will help the Bymyra Bilingual school with: *A first aid course […]  read more

‘Champignons de Foumbot’ grow organical mushrooms

KameroenWerkt (CameroonWork) supports the ‘Champignons de Foumbot’ collective led by Richard JOSS de NGAPOUT in Cameroon to create sustainable employment in the form of a mushroom farm. This nursery will provide many people with income so that they can build […]  read more

The ‘Bridge – project’

Nearly three hundred former world leaders, top economists and education experts are warning the world of a ‘COVID generation’ with millions of children who have not received a good education. This group will therefore only be able to survive by […]  read more

Criteria and costs sponsorship. Support school for Gambian children who cannot afford it!

Sponsorship Register as a sponsor Download the Registration – Agreement here and send them filled in and signed to Donations Donations can be made on account number NL58 TRIO 0198566433 of the Triodos Bank on the name of Kameroen […]  read more

Modernisering Bymyra Bilingual School in the Gambia

2018 – 2019 KW has, in cooperation with the Jenaplanschool Wittevrouwen in Utrecht send in march 110 boxes, computers, projectors, digital signage, creative design, resources, books, and pencils, and administrative supplies, printers, sewing machines, tools, and supplies for the cafeteria […]  read more

Health center La Prudence

Health center La Prudence is an initiative of a Cameroonian couple; KAPCHE WAMBO Diane, a graduate and registered nurse, and her husband Tasha ABDOU, La Prudence is located in Douala, District 4, in one of the most densely populated and […]  read more

Chez Minette

CHEZ MINETTE is a restaurant where the people of Foumbot can order Cameroonian and Senegalese dishes. Besides Josephin, four other people work in the reataurent: two cooks and two waitresses. From its opening in August, the restaurant is booming. On […]  read more

Project Zara

2012-2015 Zara has a dream. She really wants to make the soil suitable for growing white pepper and passion fruit. They are crops that are new to the region, but for which the soil is very suitable. In addition, she […]  read more

Project ‘Pleasant Parties’ in Foumbot

The Bamoun Three families have united in the company Pleasant Parties providing everything needed for celebrations in and around Foumbot. In the Bamoum community there are collective religious, traditional and cultural celebrations, besides sporting events, funerals, weddings and baptisms. These […]  read more