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Elke dag een tijd op het strand

From 2022 on KW will organize annual trips to The Gambia entitled: Journey to the Heart of Africa

The first trip took place from January 14 – 24, 2022 and was an overwhelming success.


Three trips in 2023 will take place:

January 6-16, (full)

January 27 – February 6 (A few spots available)

February 24 – March 6, (full)




Response from participants on the maiden voyage in 2022:

Tom: That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think about the Gambia trip. Being immersed for 10 days in the inescapably intense direct life there, while also being very relaxed and friendly.

Sonja: What a joy it was to be part of the Gambian community with a nice group of people.

Martijn: Inspiring to step into a totally different world in which time has a different form and being satisfied with little is elevated to an art form. Wonderful climate, wonderful enthusiastic population, tasty food. In short, a rich experience to take with you in Western life to be especially grateful.”

Herman: Together with cheerful and very involved Africans, such as Ida, Modou, Jallow, Jafatou and many others, we were able to map out a path that releases a lot of energy and enthusiasm in both cultures, which we will enjoy for years to come: For example, by building vocational education that enables African youth to continue and that Dutch ROC students gain excellent experience with. This is a prelude to a long-term cooperation between countries and communities, which aims to bring out the best in every person.

Adri: Our trip to The Gambia was a special event for me. It is special to feel so at home in this country immediately after arrival. Relaxed, in the here and now. Staying in a shaded yard where the temperature, sounds and energy are so wonderful. The contact with the people from Gambia, sincere, friendly, close and welcome. The Gambian dish, simple and tasteful! Enjoy the beautiful nature, the bustle of the markets and swimming in the ocean. It takes effort to leave that behind and return to our busy country.

Jan: From day 1, the trip to The Gambia has been a great experience for me. I spent a day with a family, going to a local market for shopping, eating with a family, helping at school, bird watching, canoeing, visiting a hospital, walking a lot, to a private beach and all with a nice group around me. The people, young and old, I met in The Gambia were all nice, positive, energetic and reliable. It was a journey never to be forgotten.

Marcel: From my hectic life you end up in a wonderfully warm climate. Where the people receive you with lots of love and warmth. Where you feel more than welcome and where time is no longer time. Where it is wonderful to land for me and I can fully enjoy the country, the inhabitants and the climate in all its facets. Where I have learned to appreciate again the basic needs of life and that I often worry about things that are actually not important in reality.

Robyn: Experience ‘Travel to the heart of Africa – meeting, fun and exchange’ The Gambia is also called ‘the simling coast of Africa’. If you have been to the Gambia, you will understand why. Not only because the shape of the country a smile, but also because you automatically walk there with a smile on your face. The country, the climate, the people, the hospitality, it makes you smile. It makes you realize how beautiful it is to live in the NOW and to enjoy the things you have.


The journey has 4 foundations

1. We contributed to the Bymyra Bilingual School.

preparing and giving a theater production by and for Bymyra students;
organizing a sports day: the Olympic Children’s Games for the students in collaboration with teachers and parents
organizing 1:1 conversations with the parents of (NL-sponsored) students;
organizing and giving chess lessons for the students
teaching activating didactics for teachers
giving hygiene and first aid lessons for the students
providing physical sports education for the students
giving sex education to girls students by female teachers from The Gambia and the Netherlands
helping to automate the various administrations at the school
preparing our next project: vocational education at the Bymyra School including: writing a project plan and measuring the rooms to be built



2. We slept with our group of 10 in the paradise TunbungVillage: Simple but nice clean bed


3. We celebrated our holidays, relaxed and enjoyed us with birdwatching in canoes, musea, delicious food, painting on the beach, visiting fishers villages and being lazy on the beach


4. We met our Gambian friends in the heart of their lives (and they have a big heart)