Give me work that suits me and I shall never have to work again.
- Confucius

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CHEZ MINETTE is a restaurant where the people of Foumbot can order Cameroonian and Senegalese dishes. Besides Josephin, four other people work in the reataurent: two cooks and two waitresses. From its opening in August, the restaurant is booming. On average there are 20 to 40 customers a day.

In August 2015 KW has granted a microcredit for basic necessities to be purchased for the restaurant. A special dish on the menu, the meal ‘crazy duch’, honours KW

A group of friends in the Netherlands, who celebrated their joint 50th birthday, used this opportunity to raise money for Chez Minette. In consultation with Josephine, KW has bought a small solar panel, battery and related lights. The electricity in Foumbot regularly fails in the rainy season. Now Chez Minette is the only illuminated place in Foumbot when the electricity fails.

Pleasant Parties and Chez Minette are symbiotically connected: they make use of each other’s stuff; they provide each other with extra publicity and notoriety. Josephine calls chez Minette Pleasant Parties’ little sister. However, it seems that chez Minette will soon go beyond her big sister when it comes to economic activity.