Give me work that suits me and I shall never have to work again.
- Confucius

English > Social and cultural travel to the Gambia

From January 14 – 24, 2022, 10 of us will be going to Gambia.

Besides enjoying the wonderful climate, the beach, the African culture and the friendly people, we will help the Bymyra Bilingual school with:

*A first aid course for teachers and teachers from other schools

*A chess workshop

*Music lessons

*Sport day for all students of the Bymyra Bilingual School: ‘the Olympic Children’s Games'”

*Implementing creative forms of education

*Supporting the accountant Auntie Bussel and Ida Ndow with the efficient processing of accounting and financial data

*Cooperate with the expansion of the teachers’ room into a space where workshops take place and meet with teachers/school leaders other schools. After all, the Bymyra school is a model school from which good education trickles down to other schools.

Gambian cultural Day on the Bymyra Bilingual School

Gambian cultural Day on the Bymyra Bilingual School

PABO students and Ida Ndwo
We hope that what we bring can be lasting. That is why we are sending stuff in advance with a container that will stay behind at the school after our trip.

Furthermore, we are investigating how we can get more PABO students or volunteers to Bymyra Bilingual School. Internships/exchange/volunteers/foreign trip from Colleges.

PABO studenten en Ida Ndwo