Give me work that suits me and I shall never have to work again.
- Confucius

English > ‘Champignons de Foumbot’ grow organical mushrooms

KameroenWerkt (CameroonWork) supports the ‘Champignons de Foumbot’ collective led by Richard JOSS de NGAPOUT in Cameroon to create sustainable employment in the form of a mushroom farm. This nursery will provide many people with income so that they can build a dignified and independent life and their children can go to school.

Richard Joss grinding corn necessary for the growing of organically mushroom

To get this mushroom farm started, the collective needed an investment of 7000 euros that was provided by KameroenWerkt in cooperation with WM de Hoop.



In Foumbot near Bafoussam, a medium-sized town in the Bamoun region of Cameroon, several families have joined together under the leadership of Richard JOSS de NGAPOUT. Foumbot is not far from the English-speaking part of Cameroon where the army fights with rebels and from where many people have fled to towns such as Foumbot. Cities like Foumbot and Bafoussam are overcrowded.

There is a lot of demand for mushrooms in Foumbot and the surrounding area and there is little supply. The collective has conducted extensive research into setting up an organically mushroom farm and has drawn up an accurate business plan.

There are all kinds of people who are going to benefit from this project. First of all, the families united in the collective and their children as well as the ‘day laborers’ who will occasionally be used for odd jobs and transport. Furthermore, the project stimulates the local economy: Building the nursery will require the input of craftsmen and supplies from supply companies. Furthermore, the mushrooms will be sold on the market by market vendors.

Note: The economy in black Africa works very differently than here in the Netherlands. A well-running company such as a mushroom farm will bring about all kinds of side activities.


September 2021: The first mushroom are coming!