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We have decided to continue to support School Going Kids project in much the same form as with Cedel in Cameroon. Bertie and Ida,set up the conditions for parents and students if they want to join up with the Support going to School children. 5 poor but promising benevolent parents children are allowed to go to school for a long time: 5 years. We also decided that we support the artists’ village of the deceased artist Etu Ndow: TunbungVillage Etu.
In December 2017 Bertie has a fantastic sports game day and led placed on the beach and a visit to the 150 pupils Tunbung Village where the students in groups have painted an artwork for their class. The day was the finest in the history of the school, says Ida.


  1. Visit Tunbung Village
  2.  Nailshitting, Twister and more in the Gambia

Furthermore, there have been discussions with the parents of the students supported by KW. For some parents expressed that, if they do not actively contribute to the school, will hold KW financial support. In September this matter decided. When some parents are doing fine.

Video 1.Talk with parents about conditions KW’


In December 2018, Bertie came by to see how compliance with the requirements of WFD sets of parents (see video 1). The result was extremely encouraging. All parents have complied with the agreements.


In 2019, we will create it for up to five additional students in five years to go to school.

In december, Bertie went to the Gambia and had a meeting with all the parents. There is a big committent spoken to all of the terms and conditions that KW is for the parents to meet. We are happy with the project sofar

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