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English > KW exist 7 year: start of new projects

CameroonWork exist 7 years and takes this opportunity as starting shot for new projects. Soon there will be the yearly report of 2017  containing a comprehensive summary of the evolution of the situation in recent years and a first glance in the new plans.
To that, we announce already the first  new project: Biological grown bananas aimed for shops that sell biological dried fruit.

We have Mr Ousman (on photo above) helped to buy banana plants for the piece of land he owes. Mr Ousman goes on a biological basis to grow banana plants. The bananas will then be dried and will be sold in stores in France and Cameroon that sell organic dried fruit.
Mr Ousman is 31 years old, married and has five children. Apart from his family will also benefit his brother and his parents of the project as well as the workers who will work on the plantage.