Give me work that suits me and I shall never have to work again.
- Confucius

English > Project ‘Pleasant Parties’ in Foumbot

The Bamoun

Three families have united in the company Pleasant Parties providing everything needed for celebrations in and around Foumbot. In the Bamoum community there are collective religious, traditional and cultural celebrations, besides sporting events, funerals, weddings and baptisms. These events provide opportunities to meet one another and to celebrate life together. The Bamoun live in the Noun district, which used to be a Bamoun kingdom, which capital is Foumban. Their cultural past is extraordinarily rich.

Stimulating entrepreneurship

We work together with Pleasant Parties and help them with a micro credit enabling them to purchase whatever is needed. It has been agreed that this credit will be paid back in a number of years. Furthermore, we help these starting entrepreneurs with our experience in the field of entrepreneurship. In October 2011, Bertie Hendriks paid a visit to Foumbot and signed the contract. Again in februar 2012 he visited Josephin again and was delighted by the progress she made. In februar 2013 there was another meeting and despite many difficulties they could conclude that this project is going to be an success. At the end of 2013 Josephin payed back 1000 euro. in 2016 she paid back the fourth part of 1000 euro.

The same time she has got her second baby. Inspired by Pleasant Parties her other activities can grow: a small shop for babys and cultivate some land (farming). Often she have to manage 4-12 persons. So thanks to her entrepreneurship many young people from Foumbot have some work.  Watch the videos on which you see the development of Pleasant Parties from last year till now.

Pleasant Parties part 1

October 2011 How it begun, the joy and the confidence.

 Pleasant Parties part 2

Slow progression. Resistance thanks to bad functioning people

Pleasant Parties part 3

Pleasnt Parties is growing. Other activities, being a farmer. What is african entrepreneurship?

Pleasant Parties part 4

Februar 2014 Pleasant Parties flowers. Paying back. More people profit. See how they get the corn in big bags of more then 100 kilo