Give me work that suits me and I shall never have to work again.
- Confucius

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In cooperation with Bertie Hendriks, Edouard Nkouta came up with the idea of building and exploiting a bar/restaurant. The site has been bought, the licences have been acquired and the rights for parties and rituals on the premises have been obtained.The building has been designed and the business plan has been set up by Edourad Nkouta and Bertie Hendriks. In due course, the Cameroon works! foundation will assist in the extension towards an internet café. This is why he got in touch with committee members of Cameroon works!, with whom he had a look at the floor plan. The best possible building plan was drawn up, taking into account future developments. In between the bar has been built and functions since 2013. Many visitors have been there and enjoyed the bar/restaurant and the sea which is at walking distance of the bar. This year (2014) some rooms will be built so you can stay there some nights. Nowhere in Cameroon you find clean toilets and very good food like here. A recommendation for tourists: dont miss it. (call Edo when you are there 97544433)


Impression of the development of the project in Kribi

An Internet café is gradually being built, powered by sustainable solar energy, which is capable of cushioning the well-known power fluctuations and failures. The ICT infrastructure will make a fast Internet connection feasible. Teaching materials for schools will also be made available. Besides the café, there will be a TV-lounge for social events like a world football championship.


In the building of the Internet café, we are working together with NICE and a Dutch company with experience Internet cafés run on sustainable energy in countries like Gambia, Tanzania, and Zambia.

Planning and working method

  • Together with Edouard Nkoutha – inhabitant of Kribi – we are trying to get the right people together and to gather the requisite documents so that the work can start.
  • A construction site has been bought by Bertie Hendriks.
  • Together with the company Nice, we are in consultation about cooperation in the building and the possibility of franchising.

If enough funds are made available, we expect building may start towards the end of 2012.

Why an Internet café?

The Internet provides a good leg-up for people in Cameroon to obtain or exchange information. Thanks  to the Internet, new economic activities will develop. There is a crying need for an Internet café with an appropriate bandwidth and a fast connection that is not continually disturbed by electricity problems.

Why Kribi?

Kribi is a small village on the coast, and is a modest tourist destination. Owing to an oil pipeline in the vicinity, there is an increase in economic activity. In Kribi, we have a personal contact: Edouard Nkoutha. He has been to the Netherlands several times and has proved to be reliable.