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- Martin Buber

English > 5 years of “Kameroenwerkt”

The foundation “ Kameroenwerkt” was established 5 years ago.

Quite a lot has happened in those five years of which we have reported comprehensively on this website with text, pictures and videos. We have put a lot of energy in the foundation in these 5 years.

However, a healthy organization has periods of expansion but also periods of contraction. Therefore, as the board of this foundation, we would like to build in a quit period from which we could develop new initiatives.

We continue to follow ongoing projects closely. Other projects will be finalized. Bertie continues to visit Cameroon twice a year. We will simplify the site and remove a lot of previous messages. The projects will keep their own page where we continue to keep developments up to date.

We thank you all very much for your contributions. Donations or other help, of course, continues to be welcome. We do not intend to stop and we assure you that all the money will go to our projects.