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English > New Project: A mushroom nursery in Foumbot

There is a lot of demand for mushrooms in Foumbot and the surrounding area and there is too little supply. A collective called “Champignons de Foumbot”, led by Richard JOSS de NGAPOUT, has conducted extensive research into setting up a mushroom farm and has drawn up a business plan. KW, together with the WM de Hoop foundation, has made an investment available to realize the plans. The nursery is currently being built. (see photos)

By means of this project the families  and their children are helped to make a living in this difficult corona time. The same applies to the ‘day laborers’ who will occasionally be deployed for odd jobs and transport. Furthermore, the project stimulates the local economy: Building the nursery will require the input of craftsmen and supplies from supply companies; the cultivated mushrooms will be sold on the market and in restaurants  

Richard Joss grinding corn necessary for the growing of organically mushroom