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English > Heroes of Vocational Education in Gambia

Since the previous newsletter 33 of September 8, major steps forward have been made. Especially the students of ROC Tilburg and Ida Ndow, the head of the Bymyra Bilingual School, have been busy!

ROC Tilburg

The 12 students have jointly purchased 5 cars, with which they will leave for Africa on 29 January 2023 under the guidance of Go for Africa (GfA). Behind this link you will find the five student teams, which we will welcome in The Gambia together with Bymyra Bilingual School around February 19, 2023. The students of ROC Tilburg: Teun van Hees and Boris Kruidijk (Team 11), Hein Patist, Joost Reijrink and Siebe Verschueren (Team 13), Joop van de Schoot and Sjoerd Maes (Team 14), Kurt van Baer and Sander Brugging (Team 15), Jasper Thijsen, Loek Goossen and Fleur Doorakkers (Team 18), together with their parents and ROC Tilburg staff: Teun Mallens, Karel Hoving and Cees van Gerwen, have emerged as true heroes of Central Brabant. They received help from no less than 80 sponsoring entrepreneurs and organizations. These are listed at the end of this article.

Why heroes? They have: