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English > Substantial steps taken for Bymyra Vocational Education

Since the previous news item on this subject, major steps have been taken towards the realization of the plans for a Bymyra Vocational Education Campus in Kunkujang Mariama Gambia.

The collaboration has now led to the purchase of a campus site of 1.2 hectares, the realization of buildings, gardens, off-grid water and energy supply and a well-equipped classroom for practical education in the field of metalworking and (solar) electrical engineering. This room is mainly the result of the efforts of students of ROC Tilburg, their staff and sponsors in 2023 See this video.








In the meantime, we are getting a better picture of the way in which we will further shape vocational education. It is important that educational development goes hand in hand with economic development. This creates a revenue model in which new sustainable business in the Gambia simultaneously generates salaries for the necessary vocational education teachers. The starting points are:

  1. Cooperation between representatives of Western knowledge and capital and Africans based on meeting and trust;
  2. Vocational education must add value to local independent sustainable economic development in Africa;
  3. Talent acquisition and development of young Gambians is independent of their parents’ income;
  4. Parallel to the training effort, commercial startups lead to such a level of profitability that teachers’ salaries can be paid for them.

In the near future we will start about 10 new cooperation projects with Dutch vocational education. ROC Tilburg will once again occupy an important place there. You can read these plans in our Project Plan Vocational Education Gambia 2023/202620230312 Vocational Education Gambia

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