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- Martin Buber


Preparation of the container with material for the Bymyra School in Gambia

More than 100 boxes of school supplies are prepared for shipping to Gambia. The container will arrive about mid-april and will be a truck the stuff to the Bymyra School in Sukuta Gambia. It is digi-signs, computers, monitors, projectors, cables, […]  read more

School material 10 m3 : 9 digi-boards, 60 computers with monitors, 11 beamers and so on to the Gambia

Cameroonwork will send 10 m3 of school materials digi-boards, computers, monitors, beamers, cables and so on to the Bymyra International School in the Gambia.     The 16th of february we will bring all things to the container and an […]  read more

Support for La Prudence

Thanks to one of our donateurs we were able to help La Prudence with some medical instruments. Diane and Tasha who are leading this smal first aid hospital in Douala are very happy.   On the pictures you see some […]  read more

5 years of “Kameroenwerkt”

The foundation “ Kameroenwerkt” was established 5 years ago. Quite a lot has happened in those five years of which we have reported comprehensively on this website with text, pictures and videos. We have put a lot of energy in […]  read more

Pleasant Parties & Chez Minette

After a turbulent and difficult 2015, the year 2016 seems to be milder for Josephine. Her new project “Chez Minette” is energetically launched and outpaces her older ‘sister’ Pleasant Parties in size and efficiency. In March 2016 Bertie visited Foumbot […]  read more

A friendly, healthy and loving 2016

The board of Cameroonworks wishes all people in Africa and in the Netherlands who supported or have supported our projects a friendly, healthy and loving 2016  read more

A new location for La Prudence in Douala

Herewith an update of Tasha and Diane’s project. The project has found a new location that is much larger and easier to reach. The rent of this new location is one year prepaid. The center had to be redesigned to […]  read more

Chez Minette attracks many clients

In August Kameroenwerkt has initiated a new project: restaurant “Chez Minette”. Thanks to the ongoing project Pleasant Parties only a small investment was required to start Chez Minette. For example, chairs, plates, pans, cutlery from Pleasant Parties could be used […]  read more

Pleasant Parties gets a little sister: Chez Minette

After all stormy events and issues, Josephine has some good news. She expanded her little business Pleasant Parties by starting a restaurant “Chez Minette”. Congratulations! More to be hear soon.  read more

Gordon Neng

Since a few months Kameroenwerkt has a competent counselor in the person of Gordon Neng. Gordon was born in Cameroon but lives a long time in the Netherlands. So he knows both the Dutch and the Cameroonian culture. Happy as […]  read more