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- Martin Buber


Substantial steps taken for Bymyra Vocational Education

Since the previous news item on this subject, major steps have been taken towards the realization of the plans for a Bymyra Vocational Education Campus in Kunkujang Mariama Gambia. The collaboration has now led to the purchase of a campus […]  read more

Heroes of Vocational Education in Gambia

Since the previous newsletter 33 of September 8, major steps forward have been made. Especially the students of ROC Tilburg and Ida Ndow, the head of the Bymyra Bilingual School, have been busy! ROC Tilburg The 12 students have jointly […]  read more

From 2022 on KW will organize annual trips to The Gambia entitled: Journey to the Heart of Africa The first trip took place from January 14 – 24, 2022 and was an overwhelming success.   Three trips in 2023 will […]  read more

Bymyra Vocational Education Campus

Vocational Education Bymira Vocational Education Campus Since 2021 Cameroon Works, together with ROC Tilburg and Bymyra Bilingual School, has been working on generally accessible vocational education in The Gambia. The starting points are: Cooperation between representatives of Western knowledge and […]  read more

Opening Effie’s Design & Tailoring

Great news/ Coming tuesday will be the official opening of Effie’s Design & Tailoring. The past weeks Effie has experimented with different tailors, acting herself as model. So she decided to take one tailor for the ‘normal things’ and one […]  lees verder

Effie’s Design and Tailory Shop

After a long preparation and in collaboration with Ida Now and Modou Ceesay, KW decided to support Fatou Sanneh with her project: a Design and Tailory Shop. We have made available an amount of 5000 euros that will be paid […]  read more

The first mushrooms are coming

Growing mushrooms is quite a process. First you build a dark damp room. This space is thoroughly sterilized. By grinding corn on the cob in a specially designed machine, you create the nutritional basis for the mushrooms. Through an intensive […]  read more

Social and cultural travel to the Gambia

From January 14 – 24, 2022, 10 of us will be going to Gambia. Besides enjoying the wonderful climate, the beach, the African culture and the friendly people, we will help the Bymyra Bilingual school with: *A first aid course […]  read more

66 Gambian(5y), 4 Cameroonian (3y) and 17 Gambian (2y) sponsored children

Thanks to the friends of KameroenWerkt! we are able to sponsor 66 children for 5 years on the Bymyra Bilingual School, 17 children for 2 years via the Bridge-project and 4 Cameroonian children for 3 years .  read more

Working hard on the ‘house’ for the mushrooms

Before the rain season finally arrives, the ‘house’ (the nursery) for the mushrooms must be ready.  Building there is still completely done by hand. A team of about 27 day laborers worked hard the whole day and the evening.  read more