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- Martin Buber


The Bridging project

With its latest promotion; t ‘Cameroon Works collects money to get children who were taken from school due to a lack of money from their parents due to the corona crisis, back to school for two years. It concerns about […]  read more

CameroonWerkt now sponsors 52 children for 5 years of school

The Gambia’s economy is doing badly. Tourism has disappeared and the parents have no money anymore. Children are removed from school because the school fees cannot be paid. CameroonWerkt now sponsors 52 children for 5 years to go to school. […]  read more

Josephin’s Chez Minette together with Pleasant parties provide a wonderful wedding day in Foumbot

Entrepreneurs all over the world are struggling due to the restrictions imposed by the corona virus. In Cameroon, Josephin is doing her utmost to survive and keep Chez Minette and Pleasant Parties going. Fortunately, she was asked to arrange a […]  read more

What does the Bymyra Bilingual School look like after its opening 28 October

A lot has been done in recent months and a lot has happened. Just look at the video and the pictures!        read more

Gambian parents in more financial troubles by corona. Urgent need for help as a sponsor

Sign up as a sponsor for 5 years 190 euro (only school fees) or 380 euro (school fees + extra costs) Send a mail to We will contact you about the way the sponsoring works   Download sponsor Registration […]  read more

Gambia: Sponsored children will be selected this week.

In the coming weeks Ida will be busy determining which children will be sponsored. The criteria are: Single parents who are divorced or whose partner has died. Parents who have lost their jobs and cannot afford school fees. Sick and […]  read more

Cameroon: Pleasant Parties back into operation ‘after’ the Corona lockdown. Bravo!

Much of the usual activity in Cameroon has also stopped due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. Companies are slowly starting up again and Pleasant Parties has also some assignments. In the photos you can see how Pleasant Parties […]  read more

This is how you pour concrete in The Gambia

The building of the rooms for the Bymyra Bilingual School is getting near completion  read more

Building the Bymyra Bilingual School Situation on 14th May 2020

See how in these difficult Corona times people work hard for a better Gambia: Building the Bymyra Bilingual School Situation on 14th May 2020 Help more children going to school!  read more

Corona in The Gambia: Schools closed, construction continues

Although few people are infected with the corona virus, the Gambian authorities have decided to close the schools. People should stay at home as much as possible and keep a meter and a half away. Quite an impossibility there, because […]  read more